Part-time and evening education – what to choose?

Maria Price
Maria Price

Lack of time forces students to acquire knowledge by correspondence. Someone chooses evening courses, and someone distance learning. In addition to students who preferred to combine work with knowledge acquisition, this type of education is suitable for those who want to improve their qualifications and receive a corresponding diploma. But what is the difference between part-time and part-time education and what to choose?

Features of forms of education

Evening classes – e is almost like a full-time form of training , but the pair are not from morning till noon, and evening. Activity takes 3-4 hours, starting at 18:00 pm. During this time, it is realistic to visit 2-3 couples. This format is also known as full-time and part-time . It is also possible to schedule from 19:00 to 22:00 2 times a week and once on weekends. On weekends, study lasts 6 hours, from 10:00 to 16:00. Much depends on the university / college itself and the characteristics of the program.

The correspondence format implies a visit to the university 2 times a year for 20-40 days. During this time, you must fully devote yourself to this, attend classes and pass the exam at the end. The rest of the time, the task is to independently master the program and take control and coursework. This happens remotely, and the finished work is sent to the address of the university. It also happens that the correspondence form did not give you the results you want, but you already have to pass something. This is especially often the case with correspondence students in complex specialties, such as physics. If you cannot solve physics problems, we will solve them for you

Pros and cons – which is better?

The evening form of study has a number of pros and cons that help you understand what is best for you. Advantages:

The entry score is lower;
Direct contact with the teacher;
Employment by profile;
The ability to get answers to questions;
Combining work with study;
Low cost compared to face-to-face format;
Loyalty from the teachers due to the fact that they combine 2 tasks at the same time.
But not everything is as rosy as it would seem, there are also disadvantages that must be taken into account. You cannot rely only on the advantages when choosing. Disadvantages:

Too high a load can be difficult;
The likelihood of overwork and a decrease in the effectiveness of both directions;
The duration of the process is 1 year longer than with the full-time program.
Combining study and work
Both forms of the educational process allow you to combine study with work. When classes are held regularly, but only in the evenings, it is realistic to put theory into practice. This is especially true for those who work in their specialty. At the same time, you can get experience, which will come in handy later. When parents cannot afford to pay for the educational process, students choose to work and pay for it themselves with this money.

It happens that at the end of the first two stages of education, school and college, someone prefers to go to work, because they are tired of studying. You can study in absentia even years later, you just need to return and re-enroll. In any case, progressing in studies can be difficult, especially in confusing things like accounting. Therefore, if you are back to school and have already forgotten the basics – we will be happy to help you with this

Pros of higher education
Despite the fact that it is possible to study part-time at a university, it is also relevant for a college. This is another step to knowledge that many decide to go through. There are far more advantages than disadvantages. Despite the fact that you have to spend time and money on studies, after that you can get a higher salary and a prestigious job. On average, only 5 years of study are capable of giving what will allow you to build a successful career.

Part-time education allows you to work freely, and only from time to time take exams and confirm your knowledge. At this time, you can start a family, continue to work and get a diploma. The level of salaries is also different, specialists with high qualifications and a prestigious diploma earn more. It is also prestigious and increases the status of each person. It also helps you find a job faster.

In our time, the culture of “learning throughout life” is of particular importance. This allows you to gain knowledge and develop as a person. This is how career growth occurs, big money is earned and high goals are achieved. In this format, distance learning takes on a serious scale, because it is never too late to study, improve your own education and even get a second education. Even years later, you can return to the learning process, gain knowledge and not change the usual rhythm of life.

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